Our Vision

To facilitate the meeting of like-minded individuals who seek to empower one another through mutual support in order to achieve great possibilities.

Our Story

Every story or business has a beginning, and it is not always the same.  It happens because we believe in it with all we have.  Or it happens because we are in the right place at the right time.  Sometimes it is because of who we know.  But sometimes it is because of who we meet.  One way or another, the Universe has its ways of providing us with all we need and want, but only when we are truly ready for it.

Meet the Team

Our team is what makes us.  The journey is that much better when taken with company.


Ivan Dimov

Founder & CEO

The visionary.


Maria Moudy

Vice President

The voice of reason.


Alexander Villagea


The value analyst.

Next Steps...

Send us your vision and the one that that is holding you back.  We will bring our minds together and do what is in our power to assist with achieving your goal.